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Student Government Association (SGA)


I have been a member of the Student Government Association (SGA) in various capacities since I joined the Dayton Regional STEM School five year ago. All through, I have worked to cultivate a close relationship between students and the administration at our school. I was first elected to Student Government in 8th Grade as President of the Middle School SGA. During 10th grade, I worked as a committee chair to create a system that encouraged students to perform academically better by creating partnerships with outside companies. As Vice President in 11th Grade, and President in 12th Grade, I focused on working with the middle school students to inculcate the lessons that I learned over multiple years in SGA.  I have also been active in organizing routine SGA run events, ranging from dances, to talent shows and walk-a-thon. 


Additionally, I have served as a spokesperson for the school, representing them through various media outlets including appearing in T.V. and radio spots, and routinely giving tours of our school and introducing its “learning-by-doing” philosophy to high-profile visitors from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Governor Kasich's office, Wright State University, local businesses and sponsors. In fact, I was interviewed on the "Living Dayton" program by Channel 2 News on January 8, 2016, and I am in the process of recording a radio spot for advertising our school and its project-based learning theme.



Overall, SGA has given me the opportunity to learn and confidence to exercise my leadership skills, and gain valuable experience in running a campaign.



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