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12th Grade School Projects

This year, I have had the opportunity to use the College Credit Plus (CC+) program to take multiple college courses while in high school. As I am going to study Computer Science & Economics at University, I worked to design a curriculum that allows me to learn skills that will be useful in both disciplines.


At Wright State University (WSU), I took Computer Science 1 during summer 2015, and took Computer Science 2 during fall 2015. As someone who has worked with Computer Science in my research experiences, I wanted the opportunity to get a formal education, and start understanding the range of possibilities in Computer Science. 


At WSU, I have also taken Discrete Mathematical Structures, a class which is useful when designing and creating algorithms. I decided to take Discrete Math after I self-learned AP Calculus, and I enjoyed the opportunity to study a facet of Math that I had not previously studied, such as Set Theory.


At Sinclair Community College, I had previously taken Principles of Macroeconomics, which introduced me to general Economics. In fall 2015, I took Principles of Microeconomics, a course which studies Public Policy, as well as takes a closer look into economics principles. These courses have exposed me to a wide range of economics ideas, and have helped me decide to study Economics further in University. I also studied Physics at Sinclair Community College in Fall 2015, to get a concrete understanding of Physics principles.


In Academic Reading & Writing at DRSS, we worked on reading strategies and techniques that will be used when we go to University. This class has also given us the opportunity to write our college essays, and to properly express ourselves, a skill that will be very useful in the future. 


I am also taking a course called Independent Research, allowing me to continue working on my projects, and continue learning how to communicate clearly.


The courses that I took last summer, and this year, have given me the opportunity to continue exploring my areas of interest, as well as begin experiencing and studying at University. 



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