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Michigan Investment Group (MIG)

I was the former President of the Michigan Investment Group, where I worked as an investment analyst and software developer on both the Quantitative Trading and Natural Resources desks. MIG is a unique investment club in the University of Michigan that focuses on recognizing the intersection between Computer Science & Economics. 


In the Natural Resources Desk, I have found and pitched a diverse array of equities. One of the pitches that I completed was for a company called GNRT, shown to the right. I put a short recommendation on the company, with a DCF analysis, and got a successful 8.93% return. On the desk, I have been able to get a better understanding of both technical and fundamental analysis, as well as critical valuation skills. 


In the Quantitative Trading Desk, I have worked on a C++ application to analyze multiple different metrics, such as Relative Strength and Exponential Moving Average to identify significant events in our portfolio to give buy/sell recommendations in real time to adjust to market events.  I wrote code to operate in a multi-threaded environment to effectively operate in real-time. 


MIG has allowed me to continue building my skills in Computer Science & Economics, and learn how to make structured pitches for equities using macro and microeconomic arguments.

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