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Junior Council on World Affairs (JCOWA)

The Junior Council on World Affairs, or JCOWA, is an activity designed to provide students with a global understanding of policy, ranging from energy to human rights, and historical decisions to future global initiatives. Throughout the season, multiple events are hosted to give students an opportunity to learn content, as well as to learn how to make decisions. For example, one of the events hosted annually is the Youth Forum. In the 2015 Youth Forum, the main topic was the Syrian Migrant Crisis, specifically in regard to addressing American refugee policy. The over 200 members at the Youth Forum determined their position, and then joined groups to develop a persuasive speech for their position. Two students from each group, including me, were then chosen to give the speech in front of the entire group to advocate their policy position. This experience was imperative in gaining an understanding into the political process, in regard to persuasive speeches, and was very valuable.


In the spring of 2015, I was a member of the team that won 1st place in the regional JCOWA competition, and won a slot to the JCOWA National Competition in Washington D. C. In Washington, my team and I were not only able to tour Washington, but actually meet the EU Ambassador, and gain his perspective on global policy. JCOWA was not only a valuable experience in visiting Washington, but in gaining an understanding of policy that is imperative for someone entering the 21st century interconnected economy.

Speaking at the Youth Forum

Visiting Washington D. C.

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