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CyberPatriot & PicoCTF

CyberPatriot is a cyber defense competition hosted by the Air Force. In the competition, teams are given computer "images", a virtual computer, to secure in six hours. These vulnerabilities range from not having a password to complex backdoors that allow hackers to take control. Teams secure the image, and answer forensics questions to determine information about potential breaches. In addition to securing multiple operating systems, CyberPatriot also requires mastery of Networking. Simulated networks are given, using Cisco Packet Tracer, and are to be secured. As the captain of Team 404, I lead the team to compete in the diverse challenges posed by CyberPatriot, and lead our team to win 1st Place in the state of Ohio. 


Another cyber competition that I participated in is PicoCTF, a Capture the Flag style competition sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University. This competition includes offensive and defensive hacking techniques, forensics, and cryptography, allowing us to learn skills in safe, and secure, environment. Our team was successful, in the top 15% from across the nation. 

Meeting with General William Bender

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