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BOND Consulting

I am a Vice President in BOND Consulting , a management consulting club affiliated with the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. The mission of BOND is to "help local Ann Arbor business owners achieve their dreams and ambitions while creating a family-oriented environment for members to grow and develop."


BOND works with four clients from the Ann Arbor area every semester, from small mom and pop companies to large corporations with millions of dollars in revenue. Consultants provide strategic and operational consulting services, using quantitative and qualitative analysis to allow clients to achieve their goals. 

I lead an engagement with a homeless shelter to understand and analyze the key drivers of homelessness in the Ann Arbor area, and then provided recommendations to help reduce the recidivism rate at the shelter. I lead my team to propose a program to replace volunteers in the soup kitchen with homeless ex-convicts, who could then gain a certification that allowed them to get employment at local restaurants. This case allowed me to gain experience in leading a diverse group of people, including engineers and business students. My time in BOND has also allowed me to learn how to effectively communicate with a diverse array of people, from a manager at an industrial plant and an accountant preparing for a Private Equity buyout, to a social worker at a homeless shelter.


My first engagement was with an upscale Ann Arbor retailer/restaurant hybrid going through a renovation. Through the engagement, my team closely analyzed POS data to give actionable product offerings recommendations. We then used Natural Language Processing to scan Yelp reviews, and created a survey for customers, to allow our client to better understand their customers and tailor their services. We synthesized this information into PowerPoint deliverables that allowed our client to apply our feedback as they went through their renovation. 


My second engagement involved working with a client in a niche service industry to value and improve the company for a Private Equity buyout. We developed a pitch book with a full Discounted Cash Flow & Revenue Build with Sensitivity Analysis to determine Enterprise Value. We created specific recommendations regarding staffing model, Groupon, and pricing strategy to maximize the client’s valuation.  


BOND has allowed me to develop hard skills in relation to financial modeling and data analytics in Excel, and soft skills to effectively communicate and work in a business context. BOND has been integral in allowing me to work in the intersection of my two main interests, Computer Science & Economics, as well as have a tangible impact on the Ann Arbor community. 

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