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Hello World,


My name is Vidur Prasad and I am currently a junior at the University of Michigan, where I am pursuing a dual major in Computer Science and Economics, and dabbling in my avid interests in Political Science. My research interests in Computer Science are in Sensor Data Processing, Computer Vision & Machine Learning, and my interest in Economics include Computational Economics and Emerging Markets. I will be working as a Summer Associate at the Boston Consulting Group's Chicago office this summer.


I worked as a Summer Business Analyst at E15 Analytics, where I advised stadiums and venues on their beverage offerings by developing an Artifical Neural Network to understand and analyze the US alcoholic beverage market, and worked to address labor challenges. I currently work as a management consultant at BOND Consulting, where we provide pro-bono consulting services to local companies in the Ann Arbor area. I am currently the President, and have managed a team of BOND consultants who closely analyze client's data to provide operational and strategic consulting services; more information is available at BOND-Consulting. I was also the President of Michigan Investment Group and a member of the Quantitative Trading desk and the Natural Resources desk. 


My science fair project has won the 3rd Place Grand Award in the Systems Software Category at the Intel ISEF. I have cofounded a charity that produces over 400 clothing goods annually for kids at a homeless shelter in Indiana. I am a former paid research intern at Aptima Inc., where I developed software to analyze drone footage to assess visual perception load. I have developed Computer Vision and Machine Learning software that builds on my flagship project, Traffic Camera Dangerous Driver Detection, that I developed as a paid intern at the Institute for the Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensor Technologies (ID CAST) at the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI). 


This site will be updated to show my experiences throughout my college career and my journey toward my goal of working in Tech, Management Consulting, or Public Policy.


Enjoy your stay, 








Receiving an award from Congressman Mike Turner

Guided Tour


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